Analysis and


The BioLife-Regen device consists in a system that generates electrical signals whose frequency can be programmed, along with a circuit of data reacquisition, controlled by a specific software installed on a computer.

It allows the frequency analysis of the human organism, highlighting possible resonance peaks that are not in line with the normal electrical absorption of the body, through the reading of two electrodes applied to hands or wrists of the person.

The following phase, during which a weak current with a specific frequency is sent to hands and feet of the person, allows to normalize the imbalances found in the previous phase, favoring the cellular energetic rebalance, a better functionality of the organism, and overall the person’s wellbeing.

The treatment is generally quick and absolutely not invasive.



The BioLife-Regen device consists of 2 totally independent channels. Each channel is made up of a board that generates frequencies and a super high-resolution integrated oscilloscope: the board is connected to an opto-isolator that guarantees the complete isolation of the board from the other electronic components that are linked to it, in order to maintain the two channels completely independent.

The boards are guided by a specially designed circuit that gets its supply from a specific Power Supply, the latter being shielded to avoid the emission of electromagnetic disturbances that may affect the adjacent boards. The power supply has a double system of medical protection, type 2xMOPP.

The device is provided with a particular signal amplifier, specifically designed to pick up the weakest electromagnetic signals emitted by the cells of the person, on a wide frequency range between 0.1 Hz and 40 MHz. The whole system is controlled by a specific software of algorithms elaboration and data fitting installed on a PC.

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Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Il Dispositivo
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