The growing interest towards energetic aspects of living beings and the most consumed foods, lead to the developing of a scientific and reproducible method to measure the vitality of man and food.




Oxidative stress




The ATC330 method intends to go beyond what is already known and used in medical practice and to establish as a new and reliable system to measure the electrochemical parameters of body fluids, allowing to determine the balance of the environment in which our cells are immersed, also known as “Cellular Terrain”. The cellular metabolisms responsible for the individual’s well-being or predictive of imbalances that may lead to pathologies, strongly depend on the energetic balance of the Terrain.

The electrochemical values of the acid-base balance, the oxidative stress and the ion concentration of the main body fluids are used to evaluate the “Cellular Terrain”, which affects the vitality of cells, their metabolisms and communication through chemical and electromagnetic signals, crucial to the individual’s well-being and the prevention of diseases or a quicker recovery, providing the operator with a valuable and objective approach in the choosing and evaluation of the treatment.

If the disease is already in place, a correct rebalance of the “Terrain” may ease a quicker recovery. Useful insights are provided by the possibility to repeat a generic exam before and after a specific therapy or a change in lifestyle, in order to evaluate their energetic effects on the organism.

This technique is very simple, quick but most of all extremely reliable, placing Bioelettronica ATC330 in the area of well-being and preclinical medicine.
In respect to other known diagnostic systems, ATC330 represents the link between the clinical-diagnostic medical approach and the energetic one, being able to scientifically measure the energetic balances of the organism (otherwise unknown) and therefore allowing a deeper study on the ultimate causes of many ailments and problems.

Hence the ATC330 system is the only device to date that allows an objective evaluation, as well as scientific and reproducible as intended by the traditional canons, of energetic aspects, more and more appraised by the public and final users; a useful method to identify particular vulnerability or an ongoing tendency to imbalances.

Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Theoretical Remarks
Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Theoretical Remarks
Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Theoretical Remarks