The ATC330 device allows the measurement of the electrochemical parameters of the fluid inserted by the operator.

It is constituted by an electronic device and a particular measuring cell, conceived as an integrated system able to provide at the same time the reading of the values of pH, Redox, electrical resistivity and temperature. Requiring limited quantities of liquids, it allows quick and clean analysis, proving extremely versatile and practical.

The reliability and precision of the sensors, the automatic emptying system, the new cell thermostated at 37°C and the technology employed, guarantee the smallest margin of error when measuring the parameters.
The new software, completely renewed, allows automatic analysis and an easy interpretation of the data obtained, generating a complete picture of the state of the cellular terrain and pointing out potential imbalances that may compromise the well-being of the individual.

As the data received are immediately sent to the computer, the user can instantly obtain the evaluation of the energetic parameters of the different organs and body zones, concerning the case in exam.



The new diagrams and parameters of Bioelettronica ATC330, developed after hundreds of measurements on healthy and ill patients, have been inspected and corrected in the light of the most recent discoveries and technological breakthroughs. New algorithms, widely tested and verified, provide an evaluation of the cellular harmony, based on hydrogen to oxygen ratios and numerous energetic and entropic indexes, which characterize the predisposition to imbalances and the loss of homeostasis of cells.

Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Device
Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Device
Arpamed s.r.l. - ATC 330 - Device