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Mattia Zambetti develops his unique knowledge by bonding his studies in engineering and natural medicine.

Graduated in civil engineering with a focus on structures at Politecnico of Milan, he acquires knowledge of the dynamic analysis of structures, and in particular of resonance analysis applied both to matters and living organisms.

Observing that each body, animated or not, is characterized by one or more resonance frequencies, he developed a method to individually test possibile disharmonies in the energetic vibration of the human body, employing the concepts of bioresonance.


energetic aspects

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future problems"

Graduated in Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, a member of the English BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association) and the Italian APDB (Associazione Professionisti del Benessere), he studied the effects of natural, phytotherapeutic, bioenergetic and electromagnetic remedies on man, in order to restore the correct wellbeing and harmony between body and soul.

He personally developed a software for Cellular Terrain analysis, Bioelettronica ATC330 ©, coordinating its development and production in each executive detail.

He was also designer of a new software to determine the vital energy of food and solutions in general.

Working with some of the most well-known doctors and biologists from all over the world, his researches not only represent an effective method to identify the causes of many problems, but also a new approach to life, to seize its most subtle and mysterious traits.